A member of the Men’s Resources International Network and the Canadian Association of Male Survivor Services

About Us
At our founding meeting on February 10, 2005, an interim board of directors was established to begin the creation of a centre for men in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. The board consists of men and women from Saskatoon and the surrounding area.

Bruce Wood initiated the establishment of a board of directors for the centre. Bruce has long been involved with men’s group work, training and consulting services. In speaking of the need for a men's resource centre in Saskatoon, Bruce says,

adult men are capable of and desirous of change when appropriate; adult men, regardless of their prior history, are entitled to be received and treated with respect and dignity; and, without comprehensive efforts to provide support and education to adult men, our society is failing today’s children and, in some cases, further endangering the safety of adult women

The first board meeting was held March 17, 2005. We were officially registered as a non-profit corporation in the name of Men’s Resource Centre of Saskatoon. Interestingly, our formal date of incorporation was March 8, 2005 (International Women’s Day).

Our Mission
A mission statement for the SMRC has been approved by the Interim Board and will be presented at the next general meeting for ratification. The proposed mission statement reads as follows:

Our Purpose
We strive to help men strengthen and reveal their essential nature which is to be loving, caring and sensitive, and to be healthy partners, fathers, role models, and community members.

Our Values
We are a male-positive, pro-feminist, gay-affirmative and anti-racist non-profit society open to men of all backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.

Our Work Together
We do this through providing support, resources and referrals and by offering a safe environment where men's experiences are honoured and respected.