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Anger Skills


We are no longer offering anger skills groups for men.

We recommend www.angerskills.ca and suggest that you contact or call them regarding group programs in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan.

Seeking to add to our Board Of Directors

The Men's Resource Centre is actively seeking to revitalize itself through the recruitment of energetic and committed men and women to our Board of Directors. We are looking for individuals of any age and background who are supportive of our principles (pro-feminist, anti racist and gay affirmative) and are willing to give some of their time to our work. Interested individuals should know that the men's centre is not a 'fathers or men's rights" organization and is committed to providing services and resources to men and boys in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan. Our work includes a focus on helping men to end their use of violence and abuse to women and towards other men.

If you are interested in working with us as a member of our Board of Directors please contact Bruce Wood by email at rdcross@sasktel.net or call 1-306-244-7950

Our Vision

We have a vision to see men in Saskatoon unite together, helping one another in times of need. Men can no longer do everything by themselves and must realize there is no shame in asking for help.

The Saskatoon Men's Resource Centre may provide services and resources in the areas of anger management, stress reduction, parenting, sexuality, computer skills and life skills.

In spite of more than 30 years of intervention and education strategies designed to end violence against women by their male partners, such violence remains as prevalent as ever. It is high time we took stock of our strategies and our assumptions to determine what is and is not working-and what more can be done...
Yesterday's Men

Our Board of Directors
Executive Director: Bruce Wood
Webmaster: Bang Up Productions

The Fathers Project
Researched and written for the MRC by Jenn Ruddy, this resource guide includes information on community resources and services, as well as helpful information that fathers may be seeking. Click SMRC Guide below to view.

SMRC Guide

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